About Jordan Fleming

Jordan is the Founder & Group CEO of the DBPL Group and has spent over ten years successfully growing SME businesses internationally. Jordan started out life as a degenerate musician and, for his sins, ended up as a respectable businessman. He's still slightly confused, but a far happier man. Jordan brings creative flair and an uncanny ability to spot new opportunities for his clients - which makes him a good candidate to invite out for lunch.

I hated tele-sales. Until I learned it was just like dating.

I have tremendous sympathy for those people who rage against tele-salespeople calling them. I'll tell you a secret: I'm one of them. (And I run a company that, amongst other things, provides tele-sales to companies in four countries.) Give me a minute, and I'll explain. Like most things, the problem isn't in the concept, it's [...]

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Hello, is it you we’re looking for?

Guess what? We're hiring, and we may even be looking for you! We're expanding and we're looking for new team members to help us with our growing client base. Your key responsibilities will be to answer inbound calls, make outbound sales calls and respond to email requests. That's the basics, but the truth is there is [...]

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One week to go – some sober analysis

Here we are again. As Hannah pointed out - it just feels a bit like Deja Vu all over again. I've never been one to sit on the fence about...well..pretty much anything. I wasn't particularly silent when it came to the Scottish Independence referendum and I've not been particularly subtle this time in passionately supporting [...]

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Forbes: Excellent News: Pound Falls On News Of Leave’s Lead In Brexit Referendum?

From the article: This is being reported as bad news: but it isn’t, it’s good news. The pound has been falling on the foreign exchange markets as a result of a string of polls showing that the Leave campaign is leading in the referendum over British membership of the European Union. The bad news angle [...]

The Scotsman: Mike Welch shares his top five tips for entrepreneurs

Mike Welch, the entrepreneur who founded online tyre fitter Blackcircles – sold last year in a bumper deal with Michelin – shares his top five tips to help you stay ahead of the pack:

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UK Reuters: UK job vacancies fall on Brexit worries, higher minimum wage

Job vacancies in Britain slumped in April as uncertainty around the country's European Union membership referendum and the introduction of a higher minimum wage made employers more reluctant to hire, a jobs website said.

BBC News: Mark Carney defends Brexit recession warning

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has defended his intervention in the debate over the UK's membership of the European Union.

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BBC News: UK Bookmakers Crying after historic win

Bookmarkers have egg on their faces after historic win means big payouts.

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UK Reuters: Pound’s swings complicate life for small UK firms before EU vote

The Pound's swings complicate life for small UK firms before #EUvote

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EU Referendum: In or out? Two opposing views on what the EU means for science and research

Ahead of the landmark referendum, campaign groups Scientists for Britain and Scientists for EU put forward their arguments and evidence for leaving or remaining in the European Union.

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