Is your franchise business ready to conquer the world?

Franchising is a proven business format for growing an international business.

DBPL understands franchising. We have worked with franchises of all shapes and sizes (in many different countries) and we have a strong international network of franchise experts who have the expertise to be able to help you develop your business.

If your franchise is ready to expand globally we’ll be able to help you recruit & deliver in new local markets.

Key ways we help franchise companies

Master Franchisee Recruitment

Finding the right master franchisee for a country or a territory is incredibly important. The right local partner can see your franchise flourish, whilst the wrong one can permanently hurt your brand.

Let DBPL help you get your recruitment off the ground. We’ll set you up with one of our Local Office Solutions, providing you with a local office location, phone number and email address from which you can run your campaigns. Our local team will handle all the inbound requests, can manage the distribution of all of your materials, and help you with local qualification of prospective franchisees. 

Control Customer Experience

Keeping your brand consistency is vital for every franchise. As you expand your franchise into new territories and new markets, you’ll find that it’s increasingly difficult to enforce.

We can help you control the customer experience in your new market. We’ll set up an inbound call centre that your master franchisee can use for all of their new franchisees. We work off of your scripts, and all of our calls are recorded and kept for 90 days, ensuring you have 100% visibility and accountability.

Local Sales & Marketing Campaigns

What works in one territory is not guaranteed to work in another. Although it’s critical to achieve brand consistency across your franchise, you also need to work within the local customs and tastes.

Let DBPL help you get ensure that your sales and marketing work for all of your new franchisees. Our local teams can develop the right marketing strategy for your franchise in their local area. We can manage the execution of local marketing campaigns and we can create individualised TeleSales campaigns for each territory.

Drive Franchisee Recruitment

You want to help your master franchisees as much as you can. We can take the burden of managing their recruitment process off of them by establishing a recruitment office and managing all inbound/outbound communications with prospective franchisees.

If you’re struggling for how to best recruit franchisee in a new market, we can connect you to one of our trusted local strategic partners. We have connections with franchise consultants, franchise recruitment experts and all the key media organisations.

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