Expand your business locally, nationally and internationally
for a simple fixed monthly fee.

“Our Local Office Solutions are all about exceeding your customers’ expectations. I’m really passionate about Customer Service. For me, it’s incredibly important to make sure that our clients’ customers feel like they’ve had an exceptional experience, every time.”

Eddie Giddens, Superhuman Account Manager, USA

We’ve worked with a lot of companies that have had ambitions to expand quickly, but were held back by the prohibitive costs of starting up new offices: finding staff, renting premises, travel costs, IT costs…the list is endless.

Unfortunately, people like to feel like they are working with someone they can reach out to, so the only real way of gaining proper traction is to have a local presence.

We’ll take all of the hassle & risk away from you and have you up and running in one of our local offices for a simple fixed monthly fee.

Pick & Mix Services

We understand that every business is unique, so we’ve created an easy “pick & mix” selection of services that you can choose from to customise your own virtual office solution. You can choose to start small and add more services as you go or swap around services as needed.

We believe in 100% flexibility so you can have a different selection of services within each country you’re operating in.

Plain & Simple Pricing

Our Local Office Solutions are charged on a simple fixed monthly subscription basis. You are charged each month based on where your company is located, not based on where we are opening up your new office. 

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