I have tremendous sympathy for those people who rage against tele-salespeople calling them.

I’ll tell you a secret: I’m one of them.

(And I run a company that, amongst other things, provides tele-sales to companies in four countries.)

Give me a minute, and I’ll explain.

Like most things, the problem isn’t in the concept, it’s in the execution.

The reason most of us hate tele-sales and react badly (well, semi-violently in my case) when we encounter it is that most of us have had at least a couple of very bad experiences.

Calls where we are badgered for a sale.
Calls where they wouldn’t take no.
Calls where you’ve asked to be removed from their list and then they call back again the next day…

These experiences colour our entire perception of the concept of tele-sales, and that’s only natural.

So yeah. I hate it too.

Or more accurately, I DID hate it. Until I learned to do it properly.

At DBPL we offer two linked tele-sales services:

  • Tele-Sales: What you’d traditional think of when you think of tele-sales: trying to interest someone into buying a product or service over the phone.
  • Appointment Making: Calling new prospects for our clients and setting up appointments for someone to go see them.

How, I can hear you ask, can you justify this, given I’ve just written about how much I hate tele-sales?

Simple: we do it properly.

The real truth is this. Tele-sales is just…sales. It’s not special. It’s not unique. It’s just sales.

And like all sales, it’s about relationships. When we make a call to a person or a company, we’re actually starting a relationship between our clients and them. It’s the first date. And like all first dates, if your experience is horrible, you end up not wanting a second.

Tele-sales is the exact same thing. If their experience of the first date is horrible (the first call) they won’t want a second. They’ll have made up their mind about your company. About you.

Don’t worry. There is a better way.

Our way.

  1. Small Targeted Databases – Unlike most tele-sales companies, we’re not obsessed about the size of our databases. We’re concerned with quality. When we run a campaign, we deal with a maximum of 500 prospects at a time so that we can evaluate and develop a proper strategic approach.
  2. Know who you’re calling – Before each call, our team will take a look at who they are calling. They’ll check LinkedIn, they’ll check websites. It’s crucial. We need to have a reason to call. We need them to feel we’re calling for them…not just the next one on the list.
  3. Focus on Relationships – It’s a first date. We’re starting a relationship for you. Our rule is “they may not buy, but we want them to come off the phone feeling good”. It’s not about how many calls you make a day…it’s about the quality of those calls.
  4. Multiple Touches – Calls are great, but emails work too. When we run a campaign we call and we email. We’ll follow up. We’ll send them information. It’s all about getting them to feel like we’re interested in them.

We can currently run tele-sales and appointment making campaigns across the USA, Canada, UK and Poland.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to get some good first dates in?

Give us a shout.