Got a question? We’ve got the answers.

We’ve tried to make everything as simple and straightforward as possible. Hopefully we’ve answered any of your questions below but if you’re still unsure how we can help, or have a questions we haven’t answered, simply drop us a line!

Because we’ll learn from the people who know best – you! We have an incredibly detailed onboarding process that we go through with all of our clients and we don’t leave any stone unturned. Think of this as your opportunity to tell us how to be…you! We’ll ask about phone mannerisms, tone, language…we’ll learn about you and what you do that makes your company great. It’s comprehensive, but it needs to be in order to ensure we’re able to represent you the way you want us to.
How long really depends on you and how much time you can give us. We normally find that the whole process takes about three weeks, but it can be done as quickly as a couple of days if you’re willing to give us the time.
It works great, because you can teach it to us (and believe us, we’re quick learners). We’re all about working the way you work. Whether it’s a specific sales process, customer relationship structure or quality assurance process we will learn how you want things done and we’ll do it every time.
Pretty much, as long as it’s legal and ethical. We’ve worked with all sorts of different businesses over the years and are comfortable getting our teeth into pretty much anything.

For most of our business services we accept online bank transfers, but for some services we also accept (and require) card payments to be made using a simple online form. The only payment types we don’t accept are cash and cheque (it’s the twenty-first century and banks simply charge too much to accept these).
Our credit terms are fixed in order to be able to provide you with the best service possible. If you have any questions about our credit or payment terms please don’t hesitate to drop us a line and speak with one of us.
We accept payments in the currencies of the countries we operate in only. We also don’t accept Monopoly money.
That’s a shame, we hate to see clients leave us and if you’re unhappy with any aspect of our service we’ll do our best to make it up to you. If you ultimately decide to leave us please refer to your individual agreements on the specific notice periods. For monthly services (like the Local Office Solutions) we require specific notice periods to ensure that we’re able to make a smooth transition to you.

Our packages are incredibly cost-effective and have been developed to give you a flexible set of options. If you’d like to have more of our services added, you’ll need to be on the appropriate monthly package.
Of course! You can upgrade your account at any time. We’ll pro-rata the new monthly charge based on how much time you have left in the current billing cycle.
Of course! If at any time you’d like to drop down to a lower package you can do so. Please bare in mind that this will likely mean dropping some of your services so you’ll need to be sure you know how you want us to work from then on.
Unfortunately not. We provide a virtual office service for you and don’t have the space (or insurance) to cover all of our clients. We can happily recommend you a local workspace arrangement if you need somewhere to work.
Unfortunately not. We have our own team that we work with and trust. Besides, the advantage of using our service is that you avoid the massive charges related to hiring staff and office premises.
Simple, we provide you with a monthly report. We track your calls to the minute and keep detailed notes on any actions or information that result. We’re passionate about transparency, so you can trust that you’ll always know what is happening and who is involved.
We’re as different as the day is from the night! A virtual receptionist service is designed to answer your phones, take messages, and transfer calls. That’s about it. We’re not just answering calls, we’re representing your business. We can talk about your products and services, take orders and provide customer service to your clients. It’s the equivalent of having a whole team in another country, you just don’t have to worry about hiring, firing, premises or overhead.

For some of our services, yes you do. Before we start working with you we’ll go through all of the areas of work you want us to engage in and will lay out the best possible package for you.