Poland: The Gateway to Eastern Europe

Poland is located in Central Europe on the Baltic Sea. It is a member of NATO and, since joining  the EU, has seen a remarkable growth in foreign investment. Poland is one of the largest markets in the EU with nearly 39 million consumers. Poland’s currency is the Złoty (PLN).

Poland intersects two main trade routes, and is considered to be the gateway between Eastern Europe & Western Europe. The country also boasts significant trade with Russia, Ukraine and China.

The population of Poland is highly educated and technologically trained. The favourable currency exchange between GBP/EURO and PLN is strong (over 5:1), which makes Poland an ideal location to outsource. It is particularly known for manufacturing and technical skills.

Poland escaped the 2008 global financial crisis relatively unscathed and, for the second year in a row, growth of GDP remains stable and over 3 percent.

Our Local Office Solutions are a perfect way of getting establishing your presence and testing the Polish market for your company.

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SandraAccount Manager

Sandra is one of our Account Managers based in Poland. She is a committed fitness fanatic and teaches classes in her spare time.

“DBPL is an exciting experience for me. Polish companies are looking out to the world and seeing a lot of opportunities, and we have become an important part of the EU’s financial structure.”

Poland has a number of key regional differences. If you’re not sure where you should base your office, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to advise you.

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Our Local Office Solutions are charged on a simple fixed monthly subscription basis. You are charged each month based on where your company is located, not based on where we are opening up your new office.


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* This is a recurring monthly charge and relates to a single virtual office location. Don’t fret, if you’d like to open more than one location we’ll offer you a package deal!

** Our setup charge ensures we understand everything we need to about your business & your processes. We run you through our induction process and set you up on all of our internal systems.

*** We don’t believe in locking you into a long-term commitment. All we ask is a minimum commitment of three months and at least 45 days cancellation notice.

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