Canada: The Gateway to North America

Canada is an excellent country to do expand your business to. With it’s proximity and connection to the USA, it is often an “easy first step” for companies looking to develop their North American business. 

Canada has a stable government and economy. The Canadian banks led the way in the recent global economic crisis and they performed far than the majority of other countries due to the government’s  approach to regulatory management within the financial system. 

Canada has a highly educated, technically literate population and an innovative research & development structure. 

From 2008 to 2012, Canada led the G-7 with an average real GDP growth rate of 1.2%. It is expected to remain among the top G-7 performers through 2017.

Canada is a multilingual country and is officially bilingual with two national languages: English and French.

Our Local Office Solutions are a perfect way of getting establishing your presence and testing the Canadian market for your company.

Meet one of the team

Our Office Locations

Andrew Cranston
Andrew CranstonAccount Manager & Technical Support Specialist

Andrew is one of our Account Managers based in Canada. He’s a lover of technology and an accomplished musician.

“I love connecting people together. Canada has so much diversity and so many different types of business opportunities that it’s always great to be able to help a company establish themselves and thrive here.”

Canada is a big country. If you’re not sure where you should base your office, don’t worry, we’ll be happy to advise you.

We currently have Local Office Solutions available in the following cities:





Plain & Simple Pricing

Our Local Office Solutions are charged on a simple fixed monthly subscription basis. You are charged each month based on where your company is located, not based on where we are opening up your new office.


  • 1 “Pick & Mix” Service Included


  • 3 “Pick & Mix” Service Included


  • ALL “Pick & Mix” Service Included

The Fine Print

* This is a recurring monthly charge and relates to a single virtual office location. Don’t fret, if you’d like to open more than one location we’ll offer you a package deal!

** Our setup charge ensures we understand everything we need to about your business & your processes. We run you through our induction process and set you up on all of our internal systems.

*** We don’t believe in locking you into a long-term commitment. All we ask is a minimum commitment of three months and at least 45 days cancellation notice.

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