“The appetite for expansion is there, but so many smaller business are held back by the risks: financial, logistical and cultural. I knew there had to be a way to fix that. And now we have it: DBPL.”

Jordan Samuel Fleming
Group CEO

Like all the best ones, our story is simple.

We’ve found that most great business ideas start out because someone sees something they want to fix and decide to take the leap and fix it themselves. That’s exactly what happened when our founder, Jordan Samuel Fleming, spoke to some business colleagues and decided to form DBPL.

Our senior management team has years of experience helping SMEs across the world develop winning strategies. In that time we found that most smaller companies still struggle to take advantage of the international opportunities available to them due to the prohibitive costs of starting up overseas. It simply costs too much time, too much money and causes too much uncertainty.

“There must be” we thought to ourselves “a way for us to solve that”.

DBPL was born out of a meeting held in Gatwick Airport. It involved a lot of coffee, some excessive swearing (from Jordan) and a lot of enthusiasm. It ended with a sketch that detailed how they could help hundreds (and thousands) of small businesses across the world take advantage of the global opportunities that were increasingly available.

DBPL is growing fast, but we’re committed to ensuring that our customers and our team are at the heart of everything we do.